These are the list of ideas that i think about, someone should build them.

Completely random list.

  • Monitoring layer for the internet
    • Like stripe for Monitoring, i think the internet has grown so big and complex nowadays, there has to be a separate company that monitor all the layers of the internet¬†
  • One place in the internet to give feedback to products
    • For example, we use Peloton, if i have a feedback for the product, what do i do? Tweet about it?. There ideally should be a product-hunt like experience where people should be able to upvote feedbacks. That hosting company is supposed to send a monthly update to the product guys in that company thats in an aggregated format.¬†
  • Yelp for healthy foods only
    • I stopped eating meat in 2014. When i want to eat outside, i want to eat healthy. There is no way for me to know which restaurant offers what type of food. I have to read thru the menu and find out. There should be a Yelp but only for healthy foods
  • Blog that explains how product work on infrastructure level
    • Something like this
    • How does Clubhouse app work? what stack is it build on. Whats Twitters current stack , how does Disney streaming work - What CDN they use for streaming
    • Lot of the technology that we are abstracted, some developer working on the cloud wouldn't know what CDN's are. This site would help understand that to tech people
  • threadreaderapp for slack threads
    • Should be trivial to implement, rollup slack threads and make it searchable in webapp based on tags